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Credit Report

What makes up your credit score?

1. 10% – Types of Credit in Use
What kinds of credit accounts you have, and how many of each.

2. 10% – New Credit
Number of new accounts you have
How long since you opened a new account
Number of Inquiries and how recent
-Special Cases for Inquiries
Whether you have a good recent credit history following past payment problems.

3. 15% – Length of Credit History
How long have you had accounts? General & specific.
How long has it been since you used certain accounts.

4. 30% – Amounts Owed
Amount owed on all accounts
Amount owed on installment, revolving, & mortgage
Amount of accounts that have balances & how high

5. 35% – Payment History
Revolving, installment, mortgage
Public record or collection items
Late or missed payments
Number of accounts with no late payments