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The Loan Process

  1 Fill out a loan application 

Complete a full mortgage application and meet with your loan officer to find the loan that is right for you.

  2 Get pre-approved

If applicable, we will give you pre-approval for a loan. This is often the amount people use to determine the cost of home they can afford to purchase.

  3 Secure Contract On A Home 

The home search begins! Once you have found a home and entered into a contract with the seller,
we can begin the loan process for that property.

Receive Good Faith Estimate

We will give you a Good Faith Estimate and other required disclosures with itemized costs of your home loan.

  5 Loan In Process

We will begin to process your home loan. We will gather necessary documents from you regarding your finances and items needed to verify the loan. 

  6 Underwriting Approval

Your loan is reviewed by our underwriters to ensure the loan will be approved and you can afford re-payment. If any questions arise, your loan officer will work with you to resolve them.

  7 Appraisal

The appraisal completed on your new home is reviewed in underwriting to ensure the amount of the loan is comparable to the value of the home. 

  8 Final Approval

Final approval is issued and funding for your loan is ordered

  9 Closing

Normally, closing will take place at your title company. You will sign your closing documents and the title company will record the deed of ownership.

  10 Move-In

Congratulations you are a new homeowner! The funds have cleared,
the deed is recorded and the home is yours!

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